who we are

Ashly Cabinets & Windows is a custom cabinet and custom window manufacturing plant located in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. It is locally owned and operated. There are approximately forty employees. Ashly gives back to the community through donations to various non-profit organizations and through volunteer work.

our history

Ashly Cabinets was established in Osler. There were only two employees. The focus was to manufacture and sell custom built cabinets.

Ashly Cabinets moved to Prince Albert.

Ashly Cabinets expanded and moved into a shop of 18,000 square feet. It began manufacturing PVC windows and soon the name was changed to Ashly Cabinets & Windows. At this stage, there were approximately 40 employees.

Ashly Cabinets & Windows expanded to a Saskatoon outlet and manufactured windows and sealed units adding an additional fifteen staff employees. This manufacturing and retail outlet of Ashly's has since been eliminated. Proudly, we still have a large business within Saskatoon and the area surrounding. However, we have chosen to keep our manufacturing within a plant in Prince Albert to offer the best possible pricing with reduced overhead.

Ashly Cabinets & Windows currently employs approximately 40 people. We are in our 29th year of operations. We strive to carry forward the goals that began in 1984 and have progressed to meet the changing and demanding goals of our customers. We have seen many changes throughout our manufacturing careers, however, one thing remains constant - our appreciation and commitment to all our customers.

job opportunities

Ashly Cabinets & Windows have a great benefits package, competitive wages, full-time hours that include a four-day work week. (4 x ten hour shifts; Mon - Thurs). Those seeking employment with this growing company are encouraged to submit their resume and cover letter to Rick.


Mark Johnson:
"I wanted to renovate our existing home. I'm talking windows, exterior doors, painting walls, flooring, cabinets, - the works. I chose Ashly's to help me with the windows, doors, and cabinetry. I met with a salesman who walked me through the entire process. He listened to me, but also guided me with some great options that improved the usable space. Everyone that I dealt with at Ashly's was great. They have been around for a long time and it shows in their professionalism and knowledge. The windows and doors were available and installed by skilled labourers. They uncovered rot and damage and internal wall damage and repaired it all for me. The windows have a quality that you can't get just anywhere. The cabinets were next and the quality and design is incredible. The space is so well used and I am thankful for the recommendations the salesman made during our meetings. Thank You Ashly's for all your help!"